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Why are you looking at your phone? Who told you we wanted to talk on the phone with you? We want to see your face! Don’t go wasting precious time putting on makeup! Come show the world what success looks like in a shower cap and hair curlers! As long as private areas are covered, you’re welcome to come in.


We are here to share the beautiful parts of the Rio Grande Valley and the Amazing Entrepreneurs that make life possible in the Southern Most Panhandle of Texas! Rather you just opened up for business yesterday or have been serving the Valley for over a decade, you are welcome to come see what our family is about! Maybe you are an aspiring entrepreneur and are looking for something more in life. Maybe you just need to be re-inspired about your dream! Come join a community that is going to lift you up and that truly knows you matter! Too shy yet to show your beautiful face and bedhead on camera? That’s ok. Send us an email. We’d love to hear from you!

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