Airplane Fever

Airplane Fever Is Re-launching Their New Aviation Dedicated 3D/AR Project!

Airplane Fever has always been one of the more interesting projects under the FUTIOHA Auspices and also the brand that has the largest group within FUTIOHA which has recently grown beyond 30,000 very active Aviation Enthusiasts, Aircraft Owners, and Aviation based businesses. Although Airplane Fever has never charged a dime for any services, they’re goal is to be able to raise funds for Aviation Based global mission projects with non-profit groups like AWA which services humanistic projects and needs around the world! RGV In 3D, La Mansion Ranch, and Airplane Fever are all organizing to provide services that can benefit the collective audiences while finding an effective method of raising needed funds to be able to operate and roll out some of the most ambitious projects ranging from 3D and Augmented Reality Business Services to helping entrepreneurs and businesses thrive by introducing services that operate on top of blockchain technology which is still the most secure and promising tech that is not only de-centralizing control from select few and giving back to the people, but allowing services like home owner electricity resell abilities at fair market value. This alone is enabling home owners to not only save by eliminating some of the most costly needed utility service monthly bills, but often times creating wealth for many home owners across the globe!

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