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  1. knslice

    I have been in the world of Aviation all my life and can almost tell, like many Aviation Enthusiasts, what equipment is flying overhead by the sound of the aircraft. I have flown with many instructors, experienced many styles of teaching all across the United States! To my surprise, in my own experience and reflecting on many other pilots that have experienced the hands on teaching from Valley Wings Flight School deep in the southern most part of Texas in a little town called Harlingen, Texas, for getting your pilot’s license rather its just for sport or you are wanting to obtain a commercial proficiency, I would definitely recommend Valley Wings Flight School to anyone who wants to become a proficient, safe, and expert private pilot all the way up to professional pilot Part proficiencies! Even if you’ve never flown in an airplane, come visit these guys and let them know you were referred by RGV In 3D and you will receive the Royal Treatment!

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